The World

     General Information

I can only post as much about the world as the party knows, since discovery is supposed to be a big part of this campaign.  We'll be updating this wiki constantly as the players learn more.


    All people live inside walled cities.  These cities vary greatly in size by region, but they are never far apart.  Hostels can invariably be found along the roads between cities.  If someone follows a road, they will always find a safe place to stop within a few hours.  This may seem a convenience to us, but in this setting it is a necessity because of the Gwyll.

    Religion here is what you'd expect from a D&D campaign.  We're just using the standard pantheons from the 3.5 and 4e core books, with a few exceptions.  Farlaghn's worship is near universal, but instead of temples he has hostels.  The only notable addition we've made to the pantheon is Lagassethon, the god of gourmet cooking.

    Racial relations are more cordial in this setting than others.  Almost all Drow and Shadar-Kai live with the playable races because the Underdark and Shadowfell are very different here, and because isolation is not feasible with the threat of Gwyll. Even some Orcs, Kobolds and Goblinoids have moved in among the more civilized humanoids, though most hole up in abandoned forts.   This has been the norm for as long as anyone can remember, but racial tensions do still exist.  These tensions rarely amount to any violence because of the familiarity faustered by living in within a small, walled city for a lifetime.

 Races: Dragonborn Drow Dwarves Eladrin Elves Gnomes Goblinoids Half Elves Halflings Half Orcs Humans Kobolds Orcs Shadar Kai Taurfolk Tieflings More to be added…

    The Land

    The land has many peculiarities that its residents think nothing of.  There is almost no wildlife besides birds.  There are a large number of abandoned forts that have existed for hundreds of years. 

    The sun and moon do not move, and are always in the same place in the western sky.  At dawn the moon winks out, and the sky gets a little brighter almost immediately.  A few hours later, the sun appears and it is soon full daylight.  The same occurs at dusk, but in reverse.  According to The Organization, this is because the day and night cycle is controlled by a tower.

    The climate becomes warmer to the west and colder to the east. 


The party doesn't know many places yet, but more pages will be filled in as they explore.   Listed here are regions and nations they party is currently aware of, as well as two seas.


Bezta Archipelago 

D Tanztradt 

D Toratt


The Outsea

Sea Calient 

Quardelms Republic 

The World

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