The god of gourmet cooking.  He is good aligned, but he has many lawful good and unaligned followers.  His Dwarven name is "Shaff Boi Ar'di."  Dwarves consider it an homage to sing this name a single time.

He generally doesn't get involved in the squabbles of other gods, and most other gods are just fine with him.  His priority is to bring joy and satisfaction to all with things that can be universally enjoyed, particularly food.

Lagassethon is credited with the invention of forks.  The Legend of the Forks is as follows:

One day, Lagassethon decided to take a break from his pastime of penning cookbooks.  He wondered what it was his people really needed.  He resolved to walk among the mortals in the guise of an elderly shepherd until he found something he could revolutionize. At the end of the day, he travelled the streets of the city, looking for a place to spend the night.  Three houses he visited in hopes of shelter, and three times he was turned away.  He concluded he would have to stay at an inn.  On the way there, he pondered the ill-will of the people.  Perhaps their food was too seasoned and acidic, and they became sour from eating it.  Perhaps their coffee lacked an appropriate sweetener, and they became bitter from drinking it.  Perhaps, just perhaps, they were on hunger strike.

As Lagassethon neared the inn, he felt a hand on his shoulder.  He turned around to see a well dressed man smiling kindly at him.  "Come with me, traveller.  You look weary.  You can spend the night in my home, and share the meal my wife shall prepare."  Lagassethon agreed.  He followed the man to his home.  This man's house was extraordinary.  It was far more lavish than any other in the city.  The dining room was warmed by a fireplace made of beautifully carved stones, and the walls were decorated with magnificent paintings of palm trees.  Lagassethon, the host and his wife gathered around the table.  The host asked that Lagassethon serve himself first, since he was a guest.  Lagassethon declined, and told the man's wife to eat first, for she had cooked the meal.  Lagassethon waited patiently as the man and his wife got their food, and watched them begin to eat.  They were both struggling to get the food to their mouths.  They could hardly get a bite.  Lagassethon realized that the source of this problem was their utensils: both were trying to feed themselves with a pair of small sticks.  Concerned by the futility of this, Lagassenthon stood.  He walked to the man and rapped his knuckles with a ladle.  This caused the man to howl.  First, he howled pain from the strike; second, he howled in rage from the offense; third, he howled in confusion as to where the ladle had come from.  Lagassethon revealed his true identity, causing the man and his wife to be humbled.

"Stop this madness!" commanded Lagassethon.  "This cannot continue!  How do you live this way, hardly able to eat because your technology is so lacking?"  The man told him that he had just gotten used to it after a while.  "Not good enough!" announced Lagassethon.  "Watch, and be amazed."  Lagassethon raised his ladle before him, and with great skill and a butcher's knife, he chopped three wedges out of it, leaving four pointed prongs where the bowl of the ladle used to be.  With this new instrument, he skewered a piece of food and shoved it into the man's mouth.

"This somehow tastes better!" exclaimed the man.

"I know," replied Lagassethon.  "This tool," he proclaimed, "will henceforth be known as the fork, and henceforth, you will use it to eat."  This the man did, and he spread the word to his friends.  Soon, the whole world used forks, and the people were merry.


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