Goomba Corps

Our intrepid heroes.

A few members are Good or variations thereof, but others are unaligned.  As a result, the Corps is not so much good aligned as good inclined.  All that aside, they are completely unpredictable; they are as likely to ask you how your day is going as they are to kidnap you and tie you to a tree.  (only a slight exaggeration)  Regardless, they get the job done.

There are currently nine members of the Corps, but some may be leaving.  Usually only three to six members participate in any one venture, while the rest stay with the caravan the Corps has been contracted by. Throughout their ventures the Corps has claimed a keep which they aptly named Goomba Corps Castle. They have also managed to acquire a portion of woods just outside of Sescherri.  A small tribe of goblins living in the ruins of an abbey in the woods outside of Gerelli may be fealty to them.

Currently allied with The Organization.  This may not last long.



In this case Corps is actually pronounced like "corpse."

All members of the Corps carry flip lighters made with flint and lantern oil. 

Goomba Corps

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