There are three major divisions of the Goblinoid family.

Bugbears lurk in the shadows of society.  They are frequently involved in organized crime.  They do their best not to make their presence obvious in the central areas of town, and most town officials will be quick to deny their existance.  However, almost every city will have a few living in the slums.

Goblins will never be found living in any city.  They prefer to stay in Goblin only tribes living in abandoned forts or other ruins.   They like to keep it this way because they know how easily dominated they are.  They know that the first non-Goblin they let in to their group will somehow end up taking charge.  Their isolation is intended to ensure their freedom.

Hobgoblins are the reason Goblins are afraid of other races.  They are manipulative and nasty.  Hobgoblins will never be found living without other races.  Any group of Hobgoblins without slaves will travel continuously until they find a settlement to invade and force into servitude. 


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