D Tanztradt

D'Tanztradt is a large nation to the west of Lir and to the north of D Toratt, and is probably east of something else that the players do not yet know of.  It is known to have an enormous wall surrounding it on all sides, except to the north, which faces the Sea Calient.  It is the most populous and well developed nation in the area.

A little over half of D'Tanztradt's population is dwarven, but other races recieve warm welcome and equally fair treatment.  The royal Ottokar family is Dwarven.



    D'Tanztradt has developed its own calendar, which most of the surrounding lands use.  When written, it is formatted as Day/Month/Year.  It is spoken aloud similarly; "Fourty-two, five, six hundred and eighty seven."  There are sixty days in one month, and sixty months in one year.  There are evidently more than sixty years in whatever comes next, because 60 went by a few hundred years ago and nobody's done anything about it.  Most businesses run in ten day cycles, but many people place importance on seven day weeks.  Make of that what you will.

    0/0/0 was supposedly the day D'Tanztradt was founded, but some say it was the day that the current ruling family came in to power.  Still others say the current ruling family made up a really big number for the years to make it seem like they'd been in charge longer.  Yet others say it's pretty irrelevant to just about everything, and get on with their day.

D Tanztradt

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