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  • Dragonborn

    Dragonborn are dragonborn.  Gruff, purposeful and scaly.  Most live an ordered lifestyle centered on self improvement, but some living on the edges of society center their lives on doing whatever they want. 

    Dragonborn can come in …

  • Drow

    Drow live above ground with everybody else.  Most of them have integrated into normal society, but they are frequently the target of racism, and in some places live as second class citizens.  They have devised many methods of dealing with the …

  • Dwarves

    Dwarves are the most populous race of [[D Tanztradt | D Tanztradt]].  The ruling family there is Dwarven.

     Dwarves don't occupy any particularly special place in the world; they just do what Dwarves do.

  • Eladrin

    Eladrin are uncommon in the areas the party has visited.  There are supposed to be many more across the [[Sea Calient | Sea Calient]].

    Eladrin tend to gravitate toward clerical work, but can usually get whatever job they want.  Their …

  • Elves

    Living in the woods is not generally feasible.  The Elves have come to accept this fact, and most have moved into normal, open cities.  Folklore says some Elves have made cities in the woods by lashing ropes around circles of trees and using …

  • Gnomes

    Gnomes have a problem with staying in one place.  Many of them are members of caravans or have homes in multiple locations.  They like to meet as many people as possible, and will frequently tag along with strangers on the road for a few days.& …

  • Goblinoids

    There are three major divisions of the Goblinoid family.

    Bugbears lurk in the shadows of society.  They are frequently involved in organized crime.  They do their best not to make their presence obvious in the central areas of town, and …

  • Half Elves

    Half-elves don't live much differently from [[Humans]].  They are slightly less grounded and are more prone to wanderlust, but behave very humanly otherwise.

  • Shadar Kai

    Shadar Sai do not want to, but do , live amongst other races. Most of them find the other races and their values distasteful, and still largely adhere to their own, fatalistic code.  A Shadar Kai that is more involved with other races during his …

  • Halflings

    Haflings are enterprising and industrious, but you'll never catch one working hard.  They all seem to find a job that comes naturally to them, and are usually quite successful because of inborn talent.

  • Half Orcs

    Half-Orcs tend to keep their heads down.  They often find a job as a hired heavy and stick with it.  Many serve as guards for caravans.  They rarely get involved with anything other than their job, and they're fine with that.

  • Humans

    Humans are capable of handling any lifestyle, but they tend to have a better head for business than other races.  A large amount of the miscellaneous workforce is comprised of humans.  Humans are often drawn to entrepreneurship.

  • Kobolds

    Kobolds will fit into just about any niche they can.  There are about as many "civilized" Kobolds as barbaric Kobolds.  They have become much more a part of society than other bestial humanoids.  Many of them handle menial labor, …

  • Orcs

    Orcs aren't accepted into society very often.  The vast majority of them live in tribes of other Orcs, and they stir up trouble whenever they can.  Those that don't live with other Orcs are usually solitary, and people give them a wide …

  • Tieflings

    Tieflings are very simple.  They are humans with horns and psychological complexes.  Prone to many kinds of insanity.