Tag: Gwyll


  • Shades of Gray


    Corpsmen on Duty:  [[:8461 | Bootlip Shenanigans]], [[:kryss | Kryss Risland]], [[:8646 | Neitue]], Draxx, Jay, Lowen

    [[D Tanztradt | Date]]: 44 …

  • Gwyll

    Gwyll (also known as Wendigo to some) are violent creatures that have shaped the human habitation of this setting.  Their intelligence is untested, but they seem no smarter than normal animals.  Before they knew what Gwyll were, the [[Goomba …

  • The Organization

    A group that is known to reach at least into [[D Toratt]] and [[Lir]].  They plan to destroy [[The Tower]] and let the [[Gwyll]] take over.  They believe this is the way to restore order and balance to the land.  Some voluntarily leave …