Midnight Sun


Corpsmen on duty: Kryss, Jay, Buffalax    New recruits: Brutus, Henchwick

Date: 45/5/687

Locale: Gerelli

The Corpsmen regrouped quickly, and realized they were missing Bootlip.  A heavily armored Taurfolk and a Goblin musketeer who were passing by in the panicked streets heard the name, and revealed that they were old friends of Bootlip's, and were on their way to Sescherri to see him again.  They quickly volunteered to join in the rescue efforts.  They were welcomed in by most, but Lowen flew into a rage.  Seeing the bovine features of the newcomer stirred up suppressed memories of an event on a farm that happened in his childhood.  "I ain't workin' with no stinkin' Taurfolk!" he shouted, and left to return to the hideout.  In the end, the only plan seemed to be to sneak outside and run into the forest and see if they could rescue Bootlip before it was too late.

So, they charged into the forest.  They were quickly met by Gwyll, but only a few at first.  They fought hard, and managed to slay a few, but were wearing down quickly.  For every beast they felled, two more stepped out of the shadows. The group backed into a defensive ring with Jay throwing prayers from the middle, while Kryss rained unrelenting hell down from a nearby tree with Bev watching the rear. Gwyll continued to pour from the shadows, the blood continued to spill, Buffalax stopped yelling just long enough to take a breath and start yelling again. Above the sounds of battle came Jays voice (amplified with divine power) proclaiming the Soup Of The Day: "WHITE CHICKEN CHILLI!" Kryss and Buffalax dropped one particularly unfortunate beast with one deadly attack from each. Amidst the yells of fury, howling beasts, and drunken mumbles the corpsmen became aware of a deep rumbling of the earth, sounding to much like footsteps for comfort. With Jay running low on juice, Henchwick low on powder and ball, and the Gwyll low on nothing; the Corps accepted this would be a good instance to effect a tactical withdrawal.

So, they charged out of the forest.  After "tactically withdrawing" for some ways, the Corps stopped and turned around to see if they were being followed. "Where is Jay?" inquired Brutus. The companions looked around before deciding that Jay was indeed missing. At the sound of rustling foliage, the Corpsmen turned once again to the forest line to see a bloody and confused Dwarf fly out at speeds never before seen of a Dwarf. Jay flew by the gathered onlookers without even noticing them there, behind him flaped the tattered remains of the Goomba Corps banner and a stream of undecipherable profanity. Buffalax took a look back at the forest line and saw trees shaking and falling behind a stream of beasts, with a rather unmanly yelp he too started running for the gate without looking back. At this point, it was every man for himself.  Some were far outstripping others, but pure terror pushed all of them forward.  Kryss was the only one not to make it to the wall; he made it about three quarters of the way there before tripping in some thick shrubbery.  He looked back and saw hordes of Gwyll hanging back at the edge of the forest, but the beast from the top of the Spire charged across the plain without hesitation.  Rather than continuing to run, Kryss concealed himself in the foliage and said a quick prayer to no god in particular.

The fleeing 'heroes' finally reached the gate just in time to find Jay flipping over his beetle to begin cooking the soup he had earlier promised.  "If I'm dying, I'm dying cooking," he explained. Noting that the Drow was missing, the beloved Corps began banging on the closed and locked gates and yelling for the town guard to open them. When they realized this wasn't working and that time was decidedly short, Brutus let out a cry of rage most commonly used among the Taurfolk, "MOOOO!", snatched jay from his cooking by the scruff of his neck and bashed a gaping hole in the wooden gates with the dwarven ram. As the corpsmen began climbing through the hole, Jay quickly lept back through the hole added some finishing touches upon his divine soup and snatched up the surprisingly cool pot to begin his frantic escape. As they clambered uncerimoniously through the town, the companions came to realize they had no idea where they were going but knew by the rumblings they heard that it had better be somewhere up high.  They ran for the elevators that would take them to High Hill.  Buffalax took it upon himself to lead the group by outpacing everyone towards their goal, the Goblin close behind. As they rounded the corner they finally reached the elevator that they instinctively fled towards, Buffalax, Henchwick, and Brutus all reaching the elevator in time.

Jay, encumbered by the soup, was not as fortunate as the three Corpsmen to so heroically run faster than him. Checking over his shoulder, he knew the fates would not allow him to reach the elevator in time for the Apocolyptic Beast the Corps had released from imprisonment a mere twenty minutes ago to not devour his soul. Accepting whatever Legassethon had to offer him Jay downed the rest of his gutbuster, smashed his beloved gorde that held his favored beverage since childhood and raised his deliciously prepared white chicken chilli to present in offering towards the Apocalyptic Beast.  Clearly Lagassethon was watching, because the remnants of Jay's drinking gourd began to glow with a miraculous light, as the gesture of sacrifice was recognized.  The Beast paused, something wonderful had wafted its way, something more delicious than Drow, Goblin, Human, Dwarf, or even beef could ever be. Around Jay a light was swirling, the raised pot left his hands and flew upwards toward the Beast. The pot was then tipped forward by what would later be described as the hands of Legassethon and poured an endless amount of white chicken chilli everywhere. The town was flooded with the oh so divine foodstuff. The Beast was swept away in the wave of soup spreading throughout the town. What of our heroic cleric? Jay was surrounded by an unseen aura of brilliance that miraculoulsy kept a wide bearing betwixt him and the soup. He turned back towards the elevator where Buffalax was scoping soup off the floor with his helmet, put his hands together and parted the sea of chilli in order to reach his beloved companions.

All the while, Kryss had been running franticly through the side allies trying to avoid the crowds and the Beast.  Jumping over snoozing bums and frightened cats, he moved quickly tworads the elevator, where he assumed his companions had enough sense to go.  While he ran he heard, or rather did not hear, a strange silence, folowed by a low rumble. Kryss slowed a bit and looked over his shoulder to see a tidal wave of soup smelling lethally delicius flowing his way.  Kryss picked up his pace, not wanting soup in his hair.  He rounded the corner and quickly slipped into the elevator behind the awestruck Brutus, Jay, Henchwick, and Buffalax, doing his best to look nonchalant, just as the platform was leaving the ground.  As the elevator clambered up , a awkward silence fell over the party, with Jay looking oddly sober and staying silent the entire way up.

Once atop High Hill, the Corps wached in silence as the town they called home for one week burned beneath them.  After a time Henchwick spoke up, "We should get going…"  The corps responded quickly and as one, "Yea…"  After staying the night at the hideout, the group snuck out the back gate and into the fresh early morning air before they could be located by the angered and decimated civilian populus.  This was the day they had arrived one week ago.  As was expected, the caravan and the past-Corps showed up in the afternoon.  Leaving matters to the wizard, the Corps convinced the caravan that they needed to leave again right away, and so they did.  An awkward silence once again acompanied the group as they walked with the caravan along the road to the next town.  Jay hacked down a tree with hs throwing cleaver and quickly began carving a new gutbuster tankard.

A bit past mid day the group came across a hostel that was some how odd looking, siting atop a hill.  Being the "heros" of the land the group thout it would be a good idea to investigate the area, and make sure it was safe for travellers.  Kryss and Buffalax sneaked around for a bit and discovered a stable built into the side of the hill that was infested with bizarred rats.  The corps responded quickly and efficiently, charging in and destroying the mutant vermin swiftly.  Upon further inspection of the stables they disacovered a tunnel leading into the hill, wich of course they followed.  After a short uneventful treck through the tunnels they came to a circular room with a low ceiling, so low infact that Buffalax, Kryss, and Brutus had to duck to keep from messing up thier hair.  In the center of the ceiling was a trap door, that Kryss quickly pressed his ear to to listen for unusual sounds.  Kryss reported to the group that he heard some shuffling laughing and general commotion.  The Corps took this to mean bandits the bandits they had heard about, and, so, with a mighty roar Brutus stood up blasting the door off its hinges and sticking it fast to his horns.

There really were about a score of bandits up there, and they all drew their weapons and leapt to their feet as the Taurfolk appeared in the middle of the room.  Brutus quickly ducked pulling the door back into position and alerted his companions of the situation. A plan was quickly formulated.  Brutus jumbed up once again and landed in the middle of the room with an intimidating moo, behind him, Buffalax climbed out and readied his spear, followed by Kryss, Henchwick and Jay.  The shit then promptly hit the fan. as Jay looked for a bandit to kill he spotted a little blue man sitting in the corner reading a book titled "journal" upside down.  Jay charged, tripped on the rug, and flew past the little man, into the wall.  After swiftly recovering his dignity, Jay stood and began yelling at the blue man.  Derro watched intently and calmly interupted, "I dont know these men.  What's your opinion on apple crisp?"  The entire room went quiet, Jay answered that he loved apple crisp.  A small tear formed in the corner off the blue man's eye.  Derro handed his book to Jay and began walking away.  Before getting to the door however, a bandit pulled one of Buffalax's javilens from his thigh and hurled it at the blue man out of irritation.  The javelin hit the wall, and Derro escaped out the front door.  Jay looked at the book and opened it to discover it was completely empty, he kept it anyway.  The battle ended quickly, the Corps cleaned out the hostel and slept there for the night.     


Getting Natural

Corpsmen on Duty:  Bootlip Shenanigans, Kryss Risland, Neitue, Draxx, Jay, Lowen

Date: 44/5/687 – 45/5/687

 After their ordeal, the Goomba Corps unwound in the Gridlock Bar.  There, they found a member of the Organization, and set up a meeting for Ylva.  Then, they got to wondering about the workings of time and causality.  Eventually they decided it would be best to let Drahomir sort these things out.

Once night fell, the Corps went to visit the Goblins inhabiting the old abbey in the woods.  Upon their arrival, the Goblins not slain during the adventurers' last visit flooded out into the courtyard and prostrated themselves.  Jay began to cook something, and drink something else.

"I like this," remarked Bootlip.  He clicked his teeth and smiled winningly at the nervous little beings before him.  "So, guys, we want to see your most valuable treasures.  Bring'em out here."  A few of the Goblins ran back into the abbey.  Minutes later, they emerged from a different door, straining on ropes.  A red glow leaked out of the hall behind them.  After much effort, the Goblins managed to pull a crowd of red beetles out into the open.  Each had a rope tied around its carapace, and they were all scuttling in different directions.  The luminescence came from the embers dripping from the mouths of the beetles.  The aura lit up the night quite beautifully.

Draxx quirked an eyebrow.  "Fireflies?" 

The Goblins explained they used the insects as mounts.  Both Lowen and Jay claimed beetles for themselves.

After inspecting his new acquisition, Jay looked around with a surprised expression on his face.  "Woah," he said.  "Look, guys.  There are Goblins everywhere."

The beetles failed to draw much enthusiasm from Bootlip.  "How about you bring us all of your valuables."  More Goblins scurried inside, and they returned with several shiny but worthless stones, and a few kegs of "Goblin Oil."  "What exactly is 'Goblin Oil?'" inquired Bootlip.  The Goblins began to look a little more nervous.

"Goblins make it.  Burns," ventured one of them.

This idea piqued Bootlip's interest.  Oil is valuable.  "How do you make it?" he asked. 

The Goblin who spoke before made a strange noise in the back of his throat.  He didn't want to answer this question.  After recieving a deadly stare from Bootlip, he spoke again.  "Treadmills and buckets."  He shrank away into the crowd.

Lowen grinned.  "Huh.  Oil's oil.  We'll take a keg."

The group tried to determine what to do with the rest of their night, but the discussion quickly deteriorated into quantum physics.  The night was spent in the abbey, with the Goblins trying their best to keep their distance.  In the morning, the Corpsmen heard Drahomir's voice ringing in their ears.  His assignment for the day was to deliver a package from his home to a drop point inside the Spire of Gerelli's High Hill.  He revealed that there used to be a mining operation inside High Hill, but it ended many years ago.  Drahomir and his colleagues had since established a workplace in the mines, which continued all the way up into the Spire.  Bandits and monsters often inhabited the mines, so traps had been put in place inside.  As such, he would really rather the Corps delivered this package for him.

Thinking their day couldn't get any worse, the party arrived at Drahomir's home.  Outside his front door was a large mass, several feet across and wrapped in canvas and bound by rope.  After trying to move it, the group found that the thing was incredibly heavy.  A note was pinned to it, written by a sloppy hand.  Kryss pulled it off and read it.  "Here's the package.  Have a nice day!"  Kryss stared at the paper, and tried to think of words to express his rage.

"That bastard."


We're in business

Corpsmen on duty: Bootlip Shenanigans, Neitue, Draxx, Jay

Date: 44/5/687

The Corps woke early on the fifth day of their foray through time; they had to prepare for their meeting.  The air blowing in from the glassless windows of their lodgings was already warm, promising a hot day.  Under normal circumstances, they could afford a much roomier place to stay the night, but they had to lay low in case the law was after them.  As they went about their business, a man appeared in their room with a flash and a bang.   He pulled a sheet of paper from his collar, unfolded it ceremoniously, and cleared his throat.

"Hello, I am Arnaud, a messenger angel of Pelor.  I am looking for the Goomba Corps," he announced.

After a brief pause, Bootlip spoke up, "That's us."

"I am here to speak to you about your actions two days ago.  Kidnapping that cleric of ours and tying him to a tree."  This was met with groggy silence.  Arnaud took care to look them all levelly in the eyes.  He then looked back to his paper.

"Nasty thing to do.  I'm sure you had your reasons, but that was just unnacceptable."  To Arnaud's consternation, the silence continued.  The responses he had come to expect were tearful apologies or crazed threats.  Silence was new.  Sometimes the visitees would be shocked into silence, but they'd start babbling quickly enough.  Maybe these guys were just slow? As the silence continued, he looked around the room.  He didn't see shock on any of the faces present.  He saw mild surprise, mild interest, mild concern, mild puzzlement, mild intoxication, mild regret, and mild contempt, but nothing he would call shock.  Maintaining his poker face, Arnaud continued.

"Well, don't do it again.  Since this was your first offense, we'll let you off this time.  If you don't have any questions, I'll be on my way."  His audience seemed to approve of this idea, so, with a flash and a bang, he left.


Bootlip, Neitue, Draxx and Jay went out to handle the meeting.   They arrived at the meeting hall an hour early.  Neitue, Draxx and Jay hid in the rafters.  All three had ropes to lower themselves down with.   Draxx held a pot of oil and a lighter.  Jay held a near empty flask of gutbuster.  Neitue held himself.

A wily looking woman in a heavy, hooded cloak entered the hall right on time.  Bootlip concluded this must be the infamous "Boss" of the East Residential gang.  She scanned the room for traps, but didn't see any.  She couldn't shake the feeling that something was suspicious, but stepped forward to the end of the table.  Bootlip stood at the other end.  "I assume you must be the representative from the organization," she stated.   Bootlip confirmed this, and asked her if there were any subjects she wished to discuss at the meeting.  "Well, I've been watching you people for a while, and think we have similar interests."   Bootlip thought this sounded interesting, and wondered if perhaps it would be wiser not to get on this woman's bad side just yet.  Jay thought the woman was probably not so bad, even though she ran a gang, and wondered if perhaps she was just misunderstood.  However, Jay is usually friendlier when under the influence anyway.

"What do you mean, you people?" asked Bootlip, for clarification.

"The organization in general, not just you and your cohorts," the Boss explained.  "What I mean is that I, as a Druid, draw my power from the wild, and, if I'm not mistaken, you are an organization of environmentalists."  Bootlip thought about how to answer this, but the conversation was derailed by a shriek from the woman across the table.  "What is the meaning of this?" she screamed as a Bugbear wearing gold chains walked in through the door.  This Bugbear she recognized as Big Tommy.  She lifted her walking stick, obviously with the intention to do something other than walk.  Tommy halted and considered the situation carefully.  There were two people in the room he did not know, and he was supposed to meet one of them.  He couldn't figure out which.  He bit his lip and tried to think about it.

"What do you think it is?" shouted Bootlip in reply, for sincere lack of a good answer.  The Dragonborn jumped upon the table, shouted "Signal!" and loosed an arrow at the Bugbear.  The arrow flew out into the hall.  Draxx was quick to recognize this as the signal they had agreed upon earlier, and lit his pot of oil, then dropped it on Big Tommy.  The Tiefling slid down his rope as Tommy caught fire, and tried to stab him in the moment of confusion.  Unfortunately, he swung to far on the rope and missed.  Jay was next to react.  With a mighty roar and a drunken mumble, he jumped from his rafter.  He swung on his rope with a song to Lagassethon on his lips.  The Dwarf collided with Big Tommy, the razors on his armor digging deep into the mobster's flesh.  Both Dwarf and Bugbear sailed into the hallway outside, and landed in a heap.  Neitue was the third to react, and got tangled in his rope.

Out in the hallway, Big Tommy quickly stood up, and, still burning, pulled his morningstar from his belt.  This he swung at the prone Jay.  It was a mighty blow, and it knocked the Dwarf back into the meeting hall.  The Boss was, at this point, thoroughly confused, and decided she would just stand back and watch the fray.

Draxx dropped nimbly from his rope, and readied his sling.  He loaded a glue bullet stolen from the Kobolds, and slung it at Big Tommy.  It hit him squarely, and he was immobilized.  Jay stood from the ground and proclaimed the soup of the day, "Broccoli and Cheddar!"  This announcement pleased his deity and his comrades.  He shown with divine light, his allies were inspired, and were fortified with the promise of this soup.  Big Tommy, on the other hand, was worried and confused by this announcement.  Neitue got himself free from the rope.

As Big Tommy struggled to free himself from the burning glue, Draxx moved in and struck powerfully with his shortsword.  Unfortunately, he lost some of the force of his blow to the glue.  Still, Big Tommy cried out, and in response some of his rabble came out of hiding in the hall.  Jay quickly dealt with one.  Bootlip charged across the table, and, with a flying leap, stabbed his longsword into Big Tommy.  Neitue carefully shimmied down his rope.

Big Tommy broke free of the glue that bound him, and the fires on his body fizzled out.  With a bellow, he swung at Draxx and connected with a solid blow.  Draxx backpedalled, which left him open to attack.  Big Tommy hit him again, and this time he was down for the count.  However, Bootlip quickly finished the bugbear off, and Jay cleared up the gangsters in the hall.  Neitue planted his feet firmly on the ground and adjusted his mask.


With the commotion over, Jay set the cooking gear that he always keeps somewhere on his person (???), and concocted his promised soup of the day.  As he cooked, he drank, and the rest nursed their wounds.  Bootlip approached The Boss, still standing against the wall, and said, "So, you were saying…?"

The Boss took a moment to collect herself, and tried to pick up the conversation from where it left off.  "So, I think working together would benefit both of us.  Just to show my use, I'll tell you something important.  As I'm sure you are well aware, the keys to The Tower are a pair of magical helm crests.  One of them is nearby,  This I know, because I can feel what an abomination on the land it is.  I though that goblin and his gang might have had it.  Maybe they do, but I'm beginning to doubt it."  With this statement, she narrowed her eyes at Bootlip.  The Corpsmen realized she was probably talking about the silver crest they found with the Soulstones as she described it in more detail.  She had read a great deal about thes things in books.

"So you would also like The Tower destroyed?" asked Bootlip.

The Boss nodded.  "I've learned to draw power from the Wendigo, and as they profit, I profit."

"Those Grue tried to kill us!" exclaimed Jay.

Bootlip waved Jay away and told the Boss to continue.

She blinked.  "Anyway, I'm willing to help.  I am in charge of one of the gangs here, which will surely be an asset."

"That'sh funny, we're trying to khill them!" Jay had again snuck up behind Bootlip and butted into the conversation.  Apparently he was quite thirsty, because he emptied the flask he was carrying and pulled another from his belt.  He then went back to his pot and began distributing soup and tending to Draxx's injuries.

Bootlip cleared his throat.  "We will need you to disband that gang."

The Boss pulled a piece of paper from her cloak, and offered it to Bootlip.  "Fine, I only used it for a little extra income.  Besides, I don' think much of it will be left at the end of today.  I'm sure some of Big Tommy's have spread the word.  There will be pandamonium in the streets, and probably some people waiting for you outside the building.  This is my card, give it to your higher ups so they can find me."  She handed the card over, turned, and stepped through the wall.

"Thanksh for nuffin, you she bshhh…" grumbled Jay.


A few minutes later, the group had gathered in the foyer.  Knowing they would have to fight their way out, they rallied themselves with battlecries like "Let's do this!" "Hoo-ah!" and "Shaff Boi Ar'di!" Once all were feeling appropriately light-headed, they got into a defensive formation, and, with a collectively fearsome shout, they charged out the door, with Jay leading the charge.

Outside raged a small war.  The streets were flooded with gangsters who fought tooth and nail.  Some had weapons, but others tore through the fray with hands bare but for the blood of the slain.  These people /no, these were no longer people, these beasts/ looked like they intended to tear the city down.  Frighteningly, they had the numbers to do it.  There were nearly two hundred just in the plaza outside the Hall Building.  When the grand doors of this building flew open with a crash that, for some anomaly of acoustics, carried across all of High Hill, the brawlers all stopped and turned to look.  Out into the sudden silence ran four people, shouting.  They skidded to a halt and quickly quieted down, and stared blankly back at the hundreds before them.  "Oh," said Jay.

After another moment of silence, the mob remembered what they were there for.  The fighting resumed, and several dozen encircled the four Corpsmen.  As they came running,  Neitue stepped to the front.  "I got this," he said with a smile, and swung his longsword before him.  Huge gouts of flame erupted from the blade.  They blasted holes in the crowd, which allowed Jay the elbow room he needed.  He flung two of his throwing hammers into the crowd.  Taking cover behind the sturdy Dwarf, Draxx fired crossbow bolts into the crowd.  After firing a few arrows, Bootlip decided he was making no progress with his bow.  He put it away and forged into the crowd with his longsword.  As the party began to wear down, city guards joined the fray.  Bootlip hailed the guards, and regrouped the Corps into a spearhead formation.  He loosed an inspiring roar, and lead the Corps and guards in a charge through the mob.

The group climbed to the roof of a defensible building, probably someone's home.  On the roof they stood against the mob.  They held the mob off until the late afternoon, when, suddenly, the fighting stopped.  The people were spent, and many were dead.  The mobsters lacked the endurance for a long riot.  Gerelli's armed forces were suprisingly effective despite their past inactivity.

After answering some questions from the guards, the party was left standing in the empty street.  "So, what's the next order of business?" asked Bootlip.   Neitue shrugged.

"Maybe we should set up that meeting for the old woman.  Lemme see her card."   Neitue took the card from Bootlip.  "It says her name is 'Ylva,' and to contact her we just tear the card in half.  Just need to get a hold of someone from the Organization to talk about a meeting time.  Where can we find some o' these peeps?"

Draxx, savvy as ever, suggested they check the bar first.  Hearing this, Jay leapt into the air, clicked his heels, and hit the ground running.

More details
A few more days

We're currently planning on another session in a few more days.  I'd like to elaborate on the current situation.

 The caravan the Goomba Corps is travelling with doesn't have any solid plans.  It is recovering from a recent orc raid that left the caravan without funds or goods, and in need of horses.  It wandered into Sescherri looking for cheap protection.  They decided to join the Corps in its travels and handle the odds and ends of things in return for the safety the Corps provides.  The caravan carries the Corps's supplies and equipment, and will buy anything the Corps is willing to sell even if there isn't a merchant in town that deals with those goods.

 The Corps came to Gerelli following a man from the Organization.  They didn't know about the Organization at the time, but the man had seemed a little suspicious in Sescherri.  They left for Gerelli a little late in the day, and because of bad weather didn't make it to the hostel along the road before dusk set in.  They were attacked by Gwyll, some of which wore head bands bearing Yin-Yangs.  The Corps did make it to safety.  By the time they reached Gerelli, the man had already moved on.

 In town was a wizard who had a time travelling spell he mastered to take advantage of the stock market.  He sent the Corps back in time one week so they could find the man they were looking for, but also bound them to his magic.  He gave them jobs to take care of while in the past.  If the party doesn't comply, he has a grave punishment for them.

 The Corps met the man they were looking for.  He told them he was part of a group of "do-gooders," who were restoring balance to the world.  He told the party they would have to kidnap a certain cleric of Pelor and tie him to a tree for initiation into the group.  Much to their DM's surprise, this is exactly what they did.  The next day, the Corps attended a meeting with the local chapter of the Organization and learned what they were really up to.

 A more immediate concern for the Corps is their current assignment from the wizard: to dismantle the two resident gangs of Gerelli.  By pulling strings in the Organization, the party has arranged a meeting with the two leaders of these gangs.  One is a bugbear named Big Tommy, the other is a being known only as "The Boss."  The catch to this meeting is that only one member from each party may be present.  The current plan is to kill Big Tommy and The Boss at the meeting, but only one representative from the Corps will be there.  Neither gang leader is aware that the other will be present.


Between now and the next session there will continue to be numerous small updates to the wiki, mostly the addition of pages for specific cities and some more NPCs. 

The Story So Far
Everything that happened before we started the wiki.

So much to say, I'll have to condense this.


    This campaign started with one of the 3.5 basic games.  The one with the black dragon.  The party started as a group of buds living in the town of Chattle, having learned their arts from various sources who lived there.  Their mayor sent them off to get his ring back from the kobolds.  They did this, discovered intrigue involving a man named Teriath who wore a cloak bearing a yin-yang symbol, and drove away a black dragon going by the name of Mammon. They later found out that the yin yang symbol belonged to a group called The Organization.  They didn't get around to returning the ring before stealing a stone bearing Farlaghn's symbol from the orcs in the fort to the north at the request of the town's inn keeper.  While at the fort, they rescued a trader named Sutter who had been seperated from his caravan, met a peculiar little blue man who called himself Derro and offered them some mixed blessings and managed to make off with the Stone of Farlaghn.  They delivered the stone, but because of information gleened from Teriath, decided to hold on to the ring a little longer and explore the lab the kobolds had inhabited a little deeper.  They found evidence of an old cult and an inexplicably creepy wooden statue of a bug.  Exploring deeper, they found a less creepy statue of a man in armor who wore a silver crest on his stone helm.  They traded the ring for the crest, which was powerfully magical.  At this point they realized they were in way over their heads and skipped town, Sutter in tow.

    The party traveled to the large city of Hemmaby and reunited Sutter with his caravan.   Two of the more anarchist members of the group decided to take a self guided tour of Hemmaby castle one night.  They managed to steal some stuff, including a magic scroll that was the magic equivalent of an atom bomb.  This scroll would be suicide to use, so they decided to keep it.  They were discovered, and while fleeing from the guards happened upon a talking statue, which called them "men of the crest" and revealed a secret passage for them.  Following it, they found a bizarre and wonderous place.  A creature who called himself (itself?) Virgil resided there, and told them they were in the Ministry of Lost souls.  The pair of adventurers looked around and learned that the place was not actually a single fixed place, but couldn't figure out what on earth that might mean.  Upon discovering there was nothing worth looting, they left.  Virgil gave them a bag of "soulstones" as a parting gift.

   Meanwhile, the rest of the party went for a night on the town with their new friend Biff.  Biff tried to help the party find out more about The Organization.  Unfortunately, this only lead to a series of mildly disturbing encounters with not-zombies, and two climactic confrontations with a flesh eating embodiment of chaos. This was back in the day when chaos was a force in itself and not a subset of evil.

    The party then travelled to Gretennan.  There they met things-oh-so-creepy and managed to finally kill Mammon.  Maybe.   The statue of the bug sprang to life, and escaped, but the party decided they didn't really care and went shopping in Hemmaby.  They then returned to Gretennan weeks later on a lead on The Organization, but found that the bug had multiplied and taken control of the people.  The wizard of the party used the scroll from Hemmaby castle and everyone died.


    This was exactly the point in time when we started our 4e campaign.  This time, the party started in the distant, but not too distant, town of Sescherri.   Many residents of the town witnessed something falling from the sky a few miles out.  The subsequent Kobold activity in that direction was understandably worrisome to the Sescherrians, so the party went and fought through the dungeon from the back of the 4e DM guide.  They also fought an almost-ghost of Mammon, and found the "soulstones" and silver crest the previous party was carrying, though the new party, of course, didn't know what they were.  A few days later, the party explored a castle infested with undead and managed to remove its curse.  They claimed this castle in the name of the Goomba Corps. (this is what they decided to name their association)  An afflicted werewolf friend of theirs (who is not necessarily evil in this setting) was designated as the butler.  The Corps headed east with a caravan headed by a man named Sutter, vowing they would one day return.

    The party arrived in Gerelli, where the caravan would stay for a while.  For complicated reasons, the party decided to go back in time one week with the help of a local wizard.  In return, the party had to carry out various tasks for the wizard while in the past.  These so far have involved killing a monster in the forest for its husk, stealing a goblin chieftan's headdress for its chemical properties, roughing up some people who owed the wizard money (and who also made a habit of kicking the homeless), and dismantling some local gangs, which the party has not yet accomplished.  The Corps met The Organization for the first time, and allied with them for the purpose of finding out their motives.


That's the story so far.  If any of you crazies are reading this, you can expect further updates in about a week.  Maybe. 


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