Kryss Risland

Drow ranger very skill with a longbow, short tempered and has a great distaste for eladrin and humans


Ability Scores MOD.

14 Strength +5

13 Constitution +4

20 Dexterity +8

10 Intelligence +3

14 Wisdom +5

10 Charisma +3

50 HP

Defenses 21AC 16 Fortitude 20 Reflex 15 Will

Weapons +2 Vicous Greatbow +1d12 per + +14 Att bonus +12(with dex mod) Dmg 1 D12 +1 longsword +9 Att bonus +6 1 D8

Skills +14 Acrobatics +10 Nature +10 Athletics +10 Perceptuion +16 Stealth (+17 in forested areas) +14 Theivery

Magical/enchanted equipment +2 Vicouis Greatbow +1 Longsword Gloves of deadly manipulation +1 attack +1dex

Feats Lethal Hunter, Weapon focus (Longbow) added skill (nature) added skill (theivery) Bonus feat defensive mobility


History: Kryss is a first and formost a ranger, though skilled with a scimitar and dagger he takes to using his bow as his primary killing engine. By class he is considered a strycker but is also very learned in the ways of stealth due to his wanderings among the surface folk, he is not one who takes to being noticed so found the art of stealth to his likeing. He took to the bow at a very young age of 17 a very young age for a drow and was fascinated by his light skinned cousins, he did not share the same hatred for them as almost all of his people had. He still however, shared a strong distaste for the humans their wasteful ways and distrust of eachother drove him to stay away from them. He never really found his place among the common folk so found use for his skills with the bow as an assasin for some renegade drow supremesists, but after many years of killing and slaughtering without a second thought he decided to look deeper into himself. What he found is that the only thing driving his kills was a strange sense that he didnt fit in and that this was all his skills were good for, this was not the case. He lef the row renegades in search of something more somethign that could absolve his sins commited whilst with his kin. This came in the form of a wood elf band by the name of “Ranger’s Redemption”. These kind hearted elves took him under their wing teaching him further in the ways of the ranger, nature and of archery. He spent many of his years on long treks across the land with his light skinned cousins, killing orcs, goblins and slaying a giant or two but found himself in need of more,in need of a place to call his own, this was all soon forgotten when he stumbled in on the biggest bar figth he had ever witnessed. Kryss found himself and the end of the bar figth a member of a newly formed Goomba corps and the proud title of teh party ranger, this was his place and these were his friends.

Looks: He is tall for a Drow about 5’11ft and weighs 148ibs,at an age of 203 (still quite young in the years of a drow) he has white hair just below shoulder length and wears armor suited for figthing in the woods and at night, meaning he has incorperated i little of nature into it. he also carries with him a Flameburst longbow obtained through his lateset quest, a scimitar not polished but blacked for stealth, and a dagger also blackened. His large billowing cloak engulfs most of his figure. His hood is always pulled down and cowl is always pulled high reveiling no more tehn his pipe and his deep green eyes, odd for a drow.

Personality: He has a very short temper and would just as soon put an arrow into the face of his target then reason with it. Kryss does however, maintain a large amount of patience for his comrades in the Goomba corps, but outside of his friends he has slim to none.

Kryss Risland

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