Lowen Brondir

Protection Paladin loyal to the Goomba Corps


Dwarf Protecting Paladin (22 STR_+6 abil mod_+11 mod +1/2 lvl)(18 CON_+4 abil mod_+9 mod +1/2 lvl)(6 DEX_-2 abil mod_+3 mod +1/2 lvl)(6 INT_-2 abil mod_+3 mod +1/2 lvl)(12 WIS_+1 abil mod_+6 mod +1/2 lvl)(16 CHA_+3 abil mod_+8 mod +1/2 lvl)

Armor Class= 27

Fortitude= 23, Reflex=17, Willpower=20

Hit Points= 86_Bloodied=43_Surge value=21_Surges/Day=16

INVENTORY +2 Magic Waraxe – 5 lbs, Amulet of Protection +1, Symbol of life +1, Heavy Shield – 15 lbs, +2 Magic Plate – 50 lbs,

DAMAGE AND ATTACK Attack bonus—+18 Damage bonus—+11

FEATS Toughness, Healing Hands, Dwarven Weapon training, Superior Weapon Proficiency, Durability, Dodge Giants

SKILLS -1 acrobatics, 3 arcana, 7 athletics, 8 bluff, 8 diplomacy, 8 dungeoneering, 12 endurance (trained), 11 heal (trained), 3 history, 6 insight, 13 intimidate (trained), 6 nature, 6 perception, 8 religion (trained, -1 stealth, 8 streetwise, -1 thievery,

POWERS At Wills- Lay on Hands, Bolstering Strike, Holy Strike, Encounters- Radiant Smite, Righteous Smite, Thunder Smite, Dailys- Paladin’s Judgement, Martyr’s Retribution, One Stands Alone Utilities- Sacred Circle, Wrath of the Gods, Cleansing Spirit

LANGUAGES Common, Dwarven



brother of jay brondir

Lowen Brondir

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