Jay Brondir

a dwarf cleric of lagassethon who enjoys drinking alot more than he should


Jay Brondir

str 13 ac 20 speed 5 con 15 dex 8 int 8 wis 19 cha 16

hp 32

weapons armor

war axe(meat cleaver) razor scale

throwing meat clever x2 shield


history: originally a cleric of moradin, jay discovered the wonders of gourmet cooking(and heavy drinking) and became a devout follower of lagassethon. Jay meet his current traveling companions in a bar fight in which he was thrown through a door by a particularly nasty dragonborn for puking on him( it takes about 36 tankards of ale before Jay herfs) somehow they became friends and joined with other renegades of the bar for a bit of adventure.

Personality: jay is often oblivious to his surrondings until a fight starts up, then he throws himself into it very much unaware of the perils it involves. he has a habbit of making inappropriate comments towards people of importance and stating the obvious. His pass times include swinging from rafters, getting thrown through doors by bootlip(may lagassethon have mercy on his soul),drinking, cooking, eating, giving food to orphan children, releasing apocalyptic beasts upon the world, and tumbling down spiral staircases laden with trip wires… yea

Apperance: Jay doesn’t much care what he looks like, made evident by his unique fashion sense. jay wears: razorscale armor parachute pants of black and red (helps him calm animals) a spear lashed to his back (wich is often broken and replaced)holding the gomba corpse banner his pack, hammer, shield, jade statue of lagassethon around his neck, and various pots and pans his beard is black and split into two huge braids that reach to his belt both ending in brass cuffs his black hair is a shock of a hundred little braids he has a mysterious bag that holds his pots,coldrons,and a pre made fire

Jay Brondir

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