Draxx Sorrowlan


unaligned, raven queen 

strength- 13                           AC- 23             speed- 6

constitution- 11                      fort- 16

dexterity- 23                          ref- 23

intelligence- 11                       will- 15

wisdom- 11



hp 62  7 healing surges, for 15 points each                        acrobatics 18 


obsidian vicious +3 raiper 1d8   crit die, d12

flaming shord sword 1d6+1                                              bluff 15

hand cross bow 1d6                                                        diplomiacy 10 

                                                                                    intimidate 10

sneek die is d8*3                                                           stealth 15

                                                                                    streetwise 15

                                                                                    thievery 18


leather armor

grapling hook with 50' of silk rope

extra 50' of same rope

climbing kit

writeing kit

5 smoke sticks 

peep hole reverser

3 flash bangs 


common, Abyssal



    Draxx is a teifling roge who grew up under the watchful eye of his god father, who was a dragonborn and a great friend of his father (also a roge and teifling). while his god father was not a  travaler he was very wise and knew mutch about the world of reality and ledgands  it was from this man that he learned of rouges like his father, ever scence he heard that first tale about  his father sneeking through the shadows and scaleing a wall into a castle he wanted to follow in his footprints.  when his god father died (Draxx was only 14) he sold the house and all of the posstions exsept for his fathers old gear. he packed up and left for a big city to find his calling.  a few years later, after some time in jail and even more time running away from the law he desided to become a bounty hunter. about a year into that he met the other (soon to be) members of the goomba corps in a tavern brawl that startd when Jay (a drunking dwarven cleric) got thrown through a door by a Bootlip (a dragonborn warlord). after the fight they manedged to become friends and started out to do something with there lives. 

a note on Draxx, he is somewhat emo


    Draxx is a tiefling but is a bit smaller then most, being only about 5'5" and at 130 lbs he is wirey but all muscle. his hair is black and worn long eather lose or in a pony tail.  his featers are sharp and angular and are acompanied by sharp teath.  his eyes are solid orbs of swerled gold and red.  his skin is a ashen grey with a hint of brick red in some areas.  when his is not wereing his dark leather armor his clothing is usualy a mix of heavy cotten, leather and flowing light fabriocs like silk, most of it is black with silver and red patterns or accents, around his neck he weres a carved bone pendent of a ravens head, a symbole of his god. 


    he speeks seldom and when he does it is calculated and his tone holds no hint of doubt. his voice is soft mostly but when angered or anoyed it sounds more like a beastial growl.  he is compleatly loyal to his friends and is kind to most, though ruithles and without mercy in battle.  when fighting he makes no sound and his unmoveing face is a bit unnerving to his foes.  he holds his 'god'  (Raven Queen) as more of a un-meet friend then an actual diety and does not pray to her or any others. he upholds most of her ideas but few of her 'religious' belifes.  


    Draxx has a short sword with a basic flame enchantment that can eather diliver a scortching wound or burst into a small fire ball and light oponents aflame.  he prefers single edged slicing weapons so the blade is single edged and curved slightly through out the entire lengh.  the handle is a rare black wood and it has a mirror steel pomel and cross gaurd.  his other weapons include a simple sling with a bag full of sticky goo amunition, as well as a drow style hand crossbow.  his main weapon is a vicious obsidian raiper, with an enchantment against windigo. on comand he can make the blade glow with a dark light to help him see.

Draxx Sorrowlan

Midnight Sun Draxx