The nudist AOE Wizard of the Goombacorps


Lvl 2 (+1 level bonus to most rolls) Wizard 1346 exp unaligned Raven Queen
11 str
12 con
15 dex
18 int
14 wis
10 cha
22 HP 18 Healing Surges Surge value: 5

Longsword 1d8 AtBonus +3 Dmg +2
Staff of warmage (1d8+1 extra crit dmg blastradii +1)
AC 14 Fort 13 Ref 14 Will 18
Speed 6
Passive insight 15
Passive Perception 10
acrobatics 3 arcana 10 athletics 1 bluff 3 diplomacy 8 dungeoneering 3 endurance 2 heal 3 history 10 insight 8 intimidate 3 nature 8 perception 3 religion 5 stealth 3 streetwise 3 thievery 3
Languages: common, elven
Feats: Expanded spellbook, Eladrin soldier

At Wills: magic missile, scourging burst

Encounters: burning hands

Dailies: acid arrow

Utilities: shield

Possessions: 511gp, skull mask, red dress

Personality: Relaxed, self assured, trusting, Nudist


When Neitue was born the Eladrin people thought he was what the coming prophecy had foretold of. He grew up under the watchful eye of Morhean, the leader of his clan of Eladrin. Neitue slowly faded out of the limelight when the realized he wasn’t the true savior of their broken Prophecies. It was hard for him to become anything, no one wanted to teach the boy who was a false savor of The Faith. He cursed The Faith of his clan and decided to leave them. On his journey at the age of twelve he wandered into a little shanty of a town and visited a shop to see if he could steal food so he could live another day. He walked slowly into the shop and whilst the shop keeper wasn’t looking, quickly grabbed up a loaf of bread and some apples. Neitue attempted a hasty retreat out of the store, only to be grabbed in the doorway by an unnoticed peasant. The peasant turned him in to the shop keeper. The now noticed peasant turned out to be the great wizard Farlin. Farlen gave Neitue the choice of either working for the shop keeper to make up for the food he stole or become his apprentice and train to be a wizard and do good in the world instead of bad. He of course accepted the wizard’s offer of being an apprentice not because he wanted to, but because he didn’t want to have to deal with the shop keeper’s hard work and beatings. Farlen trained him to be a powerful Area Wizard, also during his training he found Faith again in the Raven Queen. Farlen became deathly ill and one day when Farlen appeared to be on his death bed Neitue came to him. Farlen gave him these words, "When the world falls into the approaching darkness stand out front of the innocents and fight to save them and make sure you die and take as much evil as you can with you, If you don’t all will be lost, Neitue my aprrentice come here," Farlen takes Neitue by the hand "You are the only one who can end it all… you do have the power that your people thought, you will bring about the coming Prophecy; you will deliver the world from darkness. Don’t worry you won’t be alone; you will have freinds to help you in the end. You will know when the time is right." With the end of the sentence Farlen drew his last breath. Neiute traveled around the countryside for another thirteen years until he was twenty-five, when one day when he entered the city that forever would change his life. He thought he would check out the local crowd and headed to the near by tavern. When he neared the door he was thrown back by a Dwarf being thrown through the door which knocked him back into the street. Neitue rushed over to see if the Dwarf was all right, but the Dwarf was too hammered to care if he was hurt. The Dwarf simply looked at Neitue and said I WOVE YOU. He stepped back and let out a chuckle. He helped the dwarf to his feet and helped in back inside where he say a Dragonborn sitting at the bar and a Tiefling sitting over in the corner of the bar. He helped the Dwarf to a seat next to the Dragonborn. He questioned him if he knew his name and the Dragonborn didn’t say anything. Neitue responded, “What’s wrong with you people?” The Dragonborn looked at him and replied, "What do you mean you people." Nietue tried to dismiss it as a simple statement talking about all the patrons in the bar, but before he could the Dragonborn took a swing at him and knocked him into the Tiefling’s table across the bar. The Drunken Dwarf Neitue had helped back into the bar simply threw his head back and yelled "BAR FIGHT", as best as he could yell because he was of course absolutely hammered. The rest of the story is history the patrons of the bar the Tiefling the Dragonborn and the Dwarves and the Drow all became friends and started the Goomba Corps adventuring company.    


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