Bootlip Shenanigans

Goomba Corps Tactical Advisor/Inspirational Source


Bootlip Shenanigans, Warlord/Ranger of Goomba Corps

Hit Points: 40 Bloodied: 20 Healing Surges:11 Surge Value:14

Initiative: +7

Abilities: Strength-20(+5), Constitution-12(+1), Dexterity-11(+0), Intelligence-10(+0), Wisdom-8(- 1), Charisma-17(+3)

Attack: +11 Melee(+1 Lifedrinker Longsword), +1 Ranged(Longbow)

Defenses: AC-18, Fortitude-18, Reflex-12, Will-16

Feats: Improved Initative, Warrior of the Wild, Toughness

At Will Powers: Viper's Strike, Furious Smash

Encounter Powers: Inspiring Word, Warlord's Strike

Daily Powers: Bastion of Defense

Utility Powers: Crescendo of Violence

Skills: Athletics- +12, Bluff- +7, Diplomacy- +12, Endurance- +7, Intimidate- +14, Streetwise- +8, Nature- +6



After an unfortunate loss in a battle of wills with a giant gwyll the Bootlip Shenanigans the Goomba Corps knows and loves is no more. Transformed into a buglike gwyll creature, Bootlip lost himself to the primal urges that so enthrall the gwyll. While not dead the Corps has realized that the likelihood of recovering their beloved tactical advisor is slim.

Bootlip Shenanigans

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