Midnight Sun

The Story So Far

Everything that happened before we started the wiki.

So much to say, I'll have to condense this.


    This campaign started with one of the 3.5 basic games.  The one with the black dragon.  The party started as a group of buds living in the town of Chattle, having learned their arts from various sources who lived there.  Their mayor sent them off to get his ring back from the kobolds.  They did this, discovered intrigue involving a man named Teriath who wore a cloak bearing a yin-yang symbol, and drove away a black dragon going by the name of Mammon. They later found out that the yin yang symbol belonged to a group called The Organization.  They didn't get around to returning the ring before stealing a stone bearing Farlaghn's symbol from the orcs in the fort to the north at the request of the town's inn keeper.  While at the fort, they rescued a trader named Sutter who had been seperated from his caravan, met a peculiar little blue man who called himself Derro and offered them some mixed blessings and managed to make off with the Stone of Farlaghn.  They delivered the stone, but because of information gleened from Teriath, decided to hold on to the ring a little longer and explore the lab the kobolds had inhabited a little deeper.  They found evidence of an old cult and an inexplicably creepy wooden statue of a bug.  Exploring deeper, they found a less creepy statue of a man in armor who wore a silver crest on his stone helm.  They traded the ring for the crest, which was powerfully magical.  At this point they realized they were in way over their heads and skipped town, Sutter in tow.

    The party traveled to the large city of Hemmaby and reunited Sutter with his caravan.   Two of the more anarchist members of the group decided to take a self guided tour of Hemmaby castle one night.  They managed to steal some stuff, including a magic scroll that was the magic equivalent of an atom bomb.  This scroll would be suicide to use, so they decided to keep it.  They were discovered, and while fleeing from the guards happened upon a talking statue, which called them "men of the crest" and revealed a secret passage for them.  Following it, they found a bizarre and wonderous place.  A creature who called himself (itself?) Virgil resided there, and told them they were in the Ministry of Lost souls.  The pair of adventurers looked around and learned that the place was not actually a single fixed place, but couldn't figure out what on earth that might mean.  Upon discovering there was nothing worth looting, they left.  Virgil gave them a bag of "soulstones" as a parting gift.

   Meanwhile, the rest of the party went for a night on the town with their new friend Biff.  Biff tried to help the party find out more about The Organization.  Unfortunately, this only lead to a series of mildly disturbing encounters with not-zombies, and two climactic confrontations with a flesh eating embodiment of chaos. This was back in the day when chaos was a force in itself and not a subset of evil.

    The party then travelled to Gretennan.  There they met things-oh-so-creepy and managed to finally kill Mammon.  Maybe.   The statue of the bug sprang to life, and escaped, but the party decided they didn't really care and went shopping in Hemmaby.  They then returned to Gretennan weeks later on a lead on The Organization, but found that the bug had multiplied and taken control of the people.  The wizard of the party used the scroll from Hemmaby castle and everyone died.


    This was exactly the point in time when we started our 4e campaign.  This time, the party started in the distant, but not too distant, town of Sescherri.   Many residents of the town witnessed something falling from the sky a few miles out.  The subsequent Kobold activity in that direction was understandably worrisome to the Sescherrians, so the party went and fought through the dungeon from the back of the 4e DM guide.  They also fought an almost-ghost of Mammon, and found the "soulstones" and silver crest the previous party was carrying, though the new party, of course, didn't know what they were.  A few days later, the party explored a castle infested with undead and managed to remove its curse.  They claimed this castle in the name of the Goomba Corps. (this is what they decided to name their association)  An afflicted werewolf friend of theirs (who is not necessarily evil in this setting) was designated as the butler.  The Corps headed east with a caravan headed by a man named Sutter, vowing they would one day return.

    The party arrived in Gerelli, where the caravan would stay for a while.  For complicated reasons, the party decided to go back in time one week with the help of a local wizard.  In return, the party had to carry out various tasks for the wizard while in the past.  These so far have involved killing a monster in the forest for its husk, stealing a goblin chieftan's headdress for its chemical properties, roughing up some people who owed the wizard money (and who also made a habit of kicking the homeless), and dismantling some local gangs, which the party has not yet accomplished.  The Corps met The Organization for the first time, and allied with them for the purpose of finding out their motives.


That's the story so far.  If any of you crazies are reading this, you can expect further updates in about a week.  Maybe. 



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