Midnight Sun

Quick Summary

Party travels through the temple some more and escapes.  Strange things involving locusts happen in town.  Party follows some portals found by the temple that lead to the abandoned demonologists' lair beneath Skaddi and to an estate somewhere in the wilderness.

Coincidentally, the D'Tanztradt legion uses this estate as a local headquarters.  The Ivory Mansion on the estate was built by the demonologists long ago, but was abandoned.  More coincidentally, the party was going to be summoned to the estate for a competition anyway.  The legion was holding this competition to find talented locals to be given official position within the legion.  The first round of the competition was mechanics, which Jay and Lowen skipped out on in order to start a barfight in the mansion's basement. In the end at least three tables, 7 chairs, 12 mugs, and one booth was destroyed. Also, a multitude of innocent patrons, officers, and workers were knocked unconcious, (some more than once) and a chronic spanker was saved from almost certain neutering.  The Goomba Corps won this round.  They performed poorly in the tactical round however, and will not recieve full points due to a complete lack of planning and wasting time and resources.

Kryss overheard officers discussing some sort of messy incident happening overnight, but did not get many details.


I’m hungry.

Quick Summary

i added the important part about the barfight cant forget that

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grammar grammar grammar grammar

Quick Summary

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