Midnight Sun

More details

A few more days

We're currently planning on another session in a few more days.  I'd like to elaborate on the current situation.

 The caravan the Goomba Corps is travelling with doesn't have any solid plans.  It is recovering from a recent orc raid that left the caravan without funds or goods, and in need of horses.  It wandered into Sescherri looking for cheap protection.  They decided to join the Corps in its travels and handle the odds and ends of things in return for the safety the Corps provides.  The caravan carries the Corps's supplies and equipment, and will buy anything the Corps is willing to sell even if there isn't a merchant in town that deals with those goods.

 The Corps came to Gerelli following a man from the Organization.  They didn't know about the Organization at the time, but the man had seemed a little suspicious in Sescherri.  They left for Gerelli a little late in the day, and because of bad weather didn't make it to the hostel along the road before dusk set in.  They were attacked by Gwyll, some of which wore head bands bearing Yin-Yangs.  The Corps did make it to safety.  By the time they reached Gerelli, the man had already moved on.

 In town was a wizard who had a time travelling spell he mastered to take advantage of the stock market.  He sent the Corps back in time one week so they could find the man they were looking for, but also bound them to his magic.  He gave them jobs to take care of while in the past.  If the party doesn't comply, he has a grave punishment for them.

 The Corps met the man they were looking for.  He told them he was part of a group of "do-gooders," who were restoring balance to the world.  He told the party they would have to kidnap a certain cleric of Pelor and tie him to a tree for initiation into the group.  Much to their DM's surprise, this is exactly what they did.  The next day, the Corps attended a meeting with the local chapter of the Organization and learned what they were really up to.

 A more immediate concern for the Corps is their current assignment from the wizard: to dismantle the two resident gangs of Gerelli.  By pulling strings in the Organization, the party has arranged a meeting with the two leaders of these gangs.  One is a bugbear named Big Tommy, the other is a being known only as "The Boss."  The catch to this meeting is that only one member from each party may be present.  The current plan is to kill Big Tommy and The Boss at the meeting, but only one representative from the Corps will be there.  Neither gang leader is aware that the other will be present.


Between now and the next session there will continue to be numerous small updates to the wiki, mostly the addition of pages for specific cities and some more NPCs. 



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