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Catching Up

Once again, it falls to me...

This is covering the last few months, so there won't be a lot of detail here.

The party took a quick side trip to a town built into a cliff face by the sea.  There, corpses came back to life and attacked the residents.  The people of the town are all now dead.  The Corps narrowly escaped.

Next, the Corps was hired by the legion to accompany a group of soldiers to a fort near Mt. Gerrellial.  The fort was to be set up as a waypoint between the city and the mountain.  The mountain was home to a scientist at work on developing war machines.  A smaller group sent to meet with him a month before did not return, which is why such a large force was sent this time.  Some members of the soldiers were traitors, actually members of the Organization.  They opened the main gates of the fort while the rest of the group slept, allowing Wendigo into the fort.  Most of the Goomba Corps managed to escape through a tunnel, which, conveniently, lead to the mountain.

The tunnel was part of a much larger system now belonging to aggressive Galeb Duhr.  The Corps got through anyway, only to find that the mountain's defense systems had been activated.  They forged their way through to the scientist's living quarters to find that, after interruption by orcs, he had been killed by one of his own experiments.  Many of the scientist's plans and notes survived, so the mission was a partial success.

According to one of the scientist's journals, he chose to work in Gerellial because of a preexisting temple within the mountain that contained an abundance of mechanical wonders.  He could not finish salvaging them because he felt some malignant force still resided within.  He sealed up the passage to the temple and forgot about it.  It was through this passage that the orcs broke in.  

the corps, or course, entered the temple. the first room was small and they came out on a balcony with a ladder leading down the the lever some ten feet below. jay rushed forward and grabed the ladder, which was a ilusion, he fell to the bottom and ttryed to hide behind the ladder. one by one the corps lept or fell ove the edge exsept draxx whom slid down a rope. one below draxx fiddled with some od looking floor tiles and not being able to find thier purpose, left with the rest of the group into the next room.  there they found asorted books, most of them demonic texts, and a desk covered with papers, most of which were covered with numbers.  in the floor and celling there were heavey mettal grates that seeped a foul smell.  after milling about and finding a broken and resealed chest filled with guts and blood the group moved to the revolving door at the northern side of the room. jay charged it and bounced off, it being stuck fast. draxx worked at it for some time and only budging it a little he surendered to the stronger members who worked on forceing it open. the smell in the room became strronger and the corps dident feel so well, Kryss identified the smell as poision gas and as the brutes worked to open the door Draxx and Kryss tried to seal the grates, finaly the door was open enough and they all ran through, not before the poision gas had tarnished Kryss's magic cloak. 

they were greated in the next room by a hand full of orcs in a trashed and dirty room.  as it turns out the orcs came looking for some goodies when they got traped in the room by fear, they had one by one killed off untill only these four remaind.  much to everyones suprise the corps was able to convince kryss not to shoot them and they joind the group with the hope of finding a way out.  they pushed on through the temple and found a group of clock work figures jugelling stone balls, and a larger fugure danceing, jay joined him in the dance as the rest of the group moved on to a room covered on one side by a hive of demon spider things that were all to happy to eat them, a fight ensued and Draxx caught the hive on fire before jay ran from the previous room and charged thier queen, sending her careaning into a gorge, conveanently located in the next room, after a bit more struggle and some traps and stops the group found a control room and shut off the traps, extended a bridge over the gorge and found a lockled door with two key pads, draxx punched in the right codes which he had found earlyer and the door opend. to reaveal a dark pasage adn a to be continued sign. 


i fixed it, the ending is better now

Catching Up

That ending seems a little different than I remember it, but I’ll let it stand ‘till I figure out the discrepancy.

Catching Up


Catching Up


Catching Up

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