Midnight Sun

and then what?

long story short the corps ended up winning the whole cometition due to the fact that the building was mostly destroyed and the corps fought off a evil "teathed" lady and her giant carnivourus plant creature. it took much efort, but in the end the sourounding area was saved from anahilation.  each member of the corps was awarded the title of 3rd officer and given a good sum of gold to be spent on 'military purpases' the corps was granted a few months leave and they went back home to goomba corps castle to check up on thier home, their steward, their oil company, and the gobln army.  apon arival they discovered that the oil company was doing quite well and thier steward, Sham Shankly, was liveing quite comforably. they struck a deal with a caravan and desided that only that caravan would have acces to their oil and the corps woudl be payed a spesified amount each week. they cashed in much of their treasers and oil and went on bought a better, more efeciant, oil system, a teliport system and some basic needs for their army, including better liveing conditions and a smith to provide weapons and armor to the goblins.  after that they went on a shoping spree. with everyone exsept for Jay buying something new.

next the corps embarked on a mission to locate something of importance, most of the corps dosent really know what it is. but whatever it was it lead them to the desert were there was a large drow population, this made kryss happy, but still, they hated him cuz he was a darky. .... more still…   



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