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This post will briefly cover our last few sessions.  I'm putting them all together because they are all closely related, and because we need to get caught up.  If any of you feel like expanding on these events, feel free to do so.

 On their way to Skaddi, the Corps. and the caravan were halted by a chasm crossing the road.  Jay, on an impulse, volunteered to be lowered into the crevasse.  The crew tied a rope around him and lowered him down.  Jay was quickly set upon by ethereal attackers.  His torch had gone out on his way down, and his hammer seemed to have no effect, so he was pulled back up.  The beings did not follow him out of the chasm, so the Corps. spent a day to build a bridge and continued on their way.

Upon arriving at the city, the Corps. decided that the best course of action would be to ignore all of their pressing issues, burning questions and continuing problems to do a little vigilante work.  With the help of a Troll by the name of Cyrano DeBergerac who lived in the sewers, a murderer was apprehended.  This murderer revealed he had be hired by a group whose members wore Yin-Yang symbols.  This turn of events inspired a bout of cow tipping.

The city was preparing for a holiday that involved building small tree forts in the woods to reside in for a week.  A legion from D'Tanztradt arrived to monitor the city during the festivities.  The Corps. managed to get a private audience with General Krovus from the legion.  He explained that the legion was sent for research purposes.  In the days leading up to the holiday, demons were expected to escape from the ground and haunt the city.  Krovus hired the Corps. to kill or capture as many demons as possible so they could be studied.  The Corps. took to the task with abandon.  Several demons were found in the woods and slain there.  The only commonality between the creatures was the whistling noises they made.  Out of curiosity, the Corps. ventured back to the chasm.  Henchwick built a bomb, which was dropped into the crevasse with the intent of stirring up demons.  Rock spires erupted from the ground and the pit.  An enormous, whistling wormlike creature crawled up from the depths.  Its many gaping orifices began to issue forth malformed beings.  The team slew the monster and its spawn, and brought it back to Krovus for a handsome reward.

 It became evident in the next few days that multiple demons had already entrenched themselves within the city.  The Corps, encountered a few bizarred hauntings caused by the presence of the demons.  They decided to look in the library (finally) for any information they could find on the lore of the holiday and the demons.  They found out that the demons were supposed to be given free reign over the city for the week that the citizens resided in the woods, and that on the last day of the week, an ark would appear in the sky to recieve some of the demons frome the city.  If this pattern was disrupted, something terrible was supposed to happen to the world.  The crew realized that they had already disrupted the pattern, and that any modicum of common sense would have saved them.  The party stayed in the city for the week, and witnessed a horrifying spectacle in the sky.  Whatever the thing was dropped numerous chunks onto the Earth, some landing nearby and onthers flying over the horizon.  The group explored the city a little longer to find that there was once a cult that cursed the city with the demons, and that the demons feared ice.




lame, joe ur lame

Skaddi's Demons

which one is this ? the one where nothing happened?

Skaddi's Demons

This is the one where you found Cyrano DeBergerac in the sewers.

And lame is a matter of perspective. :P

Skaddi's Demons

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